Challenges of Modern Parenting

Families are building blocks of society and parenting is a blessed privilege but also a serious responsibility. In Today’s World which is consumer oriented, lawless and sexually permissive, parenting has become a challenge. Too much exposure to audio and visual media from an early age coupled with ineffective parenting has made children selfish, self indulgent […]

Grandparent’s Custody Legal rights in Pennsylvania

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania recognizes the particular bond shaped concerning grandparents and their grandchildren, and that this romance is susceptible to strain and disruption if the kid’s mom and dad independent or divorce. In the desire of preserving the grandparent-grandchild romantic relationship, regulations have been enacted which present grandparents the capacity to pursue numerous types […]

Training – A Parent’s Accountability

1 would be foolish to feel that our training procedure meets the requirements of every single kid that enters at the tender age of 5 or six and leaves right after 13 years. Having said that, some moms and dads in fact believe that our universities are absolutely dependable for the education and learning of […]

The Importance Of Parental Authority

A large number of teenagers today feel that parents have abdicated their duties of wielding authority and assuming responsibility for the direction of their children’s lives. Some parents refuse to do so and others are unable to exercise their rights. As a result, there is growing rebellion against parents. In some countries, the Courts flout […]