If You Expand Your Existing Concrete Driveway, Will New Concrete Fade to Match?

You may perhaps be wanting to switch a single car driveway into a double, or maybe adding place for a lot more auto storage or a place for an RV. But you might be involved with regardless of whether or not the new concrete part of the driveway will match the older concrete. This posting will focus on your alternatives.

Sure, all concrete fades as it dries and cures, and surely immediately after a long time of solar and weather publicity it fades more. Even so, if you are hoping a new concrete addition to your outdated concrete driveway will match, most contractors will inform you the reply is no. Simply place, the lifetime of the unique concrete driveway are not able to be matched without having the exact total of getting old. Your younger brother will constantly be your more youthful brother, the similar goes with concrete. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the new addition to the driveway will not seem great.

A first-amount concrete contractor is not heading to adhere you with a patch-worked, mismatched driveway addition. There is an artwork to the craft, and a contractor will assess the structure of the location, using into account the more mature driveway, and find a way to make the addition do the job in harmony with what you now have.

Generate Styles

Just one selection features building a border all over the older part of the driveway to tie it in with the new. Or, room permitting, incorporating an equivalent amount of concrete on both equally sides of the original, producing a special pattern. There are many variants that will allow for a skillfully built appear.


Textures can also incorporate an intriguing change involving aged and new concrete locations that will compliment a person an additional. If you presently have brushed concrete, for example, elect to have the new space be sandblasted. That way you are staying away from any attempt to make the recently laid concrete match.

Coloration or Stain

Concrete need to have not just be a gray slab, and if you might be anxious about an precise match to your present-day driveway, why not go the full reverse with coloration? Although largely involved with parks or public spots, contractors give shades like buff, yellow, red, inexperienced, blue, brown or black for property driveways as effectively.


Stamps, extra than just texture, stamps laid in the concrete develop the glimpse of stones, bricks, pebbles, wooden, seashells and other types that increase beauty and can compliment the driveway you presently have.


If you never now have a decorative walkway connecting to your driveway, or maybe the new addition calls for the walkway to be expanded as well, this can also be an space used to create a harmonious glance among the aged driveway and the new addition.

With any luck , now you have tips so you will not need to get worried about your home having a mismatched driveway if you choose for an addition. The very best to start with action is to discuss with a concrete driveway contractor near you for experienced ideas.

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