The Secret Sister Seduction Model

Here’s a model that can be incredibly helpful to increase your playfulness and decrease approach anxiety in the field.

When any guy walks up to an attractive girl, there’s plenty of pressure. I don’t care how much experience you have, you’re going to feel a bit nervous.

I’m sure you’ve heard the old expression that “courageous people aren’t devoid of fear, they just act in spite of fear.”

This makes sense when you read it, but think of all the times in the past when you were scared, but acted anyway. I’m sure you’ll recall that as soon as you STARTED to take action, the fear suddenly morphed into a feeling of exhilaration and aliveness.

Before you take action, your brain is screaming at you to back the f off. But as soon as you DO take action, your brain realizes that it’s game on, and fills your senses with the necessary juice to get the best possible response for the situation.

That’s why they call this the “fight or flight” mechanism. The same juice that puts your sense on alert can get you out of there in a hurry, or get you in the game so you’ll come out a winner.

In reality, there’s a HUGE range of possibilities between “fighting” and “flighting.”

This applies to seduction just like any other thing that has a potential negative outcome.

However, here’s a mind trick that can help reduce that anxiety significantly.

There’s a theory in NLP that we all have these “parts.” It’s not really a theory, more of a model to help us resolve conflicts between these imaginary “parts.”

This can be helpful when approaching a girl. Now, don’t go walking up to her and start talking about her various parts, just assume they are there.

Imagine that she’s got four or five female “parts.” Like different personas. One of those parts loves being seduced, loves making love, and loves new and exciting experiences. But her other parts are more protective. The “older sisters” who feel it’s there responsibility to shoot down any guy who walks up.

Naturally, that “younger sisters” is usually overwhelmed by her more protective older sisters.

You’re job is talk to that younger sister that is within all women. That younger sister that wants love, affection, and seduction.

You’re job is to talk to her, in that special way, that will overwhelm her with so much desire that she’ll stand up and ignore her elders.

In fact, you might see yourself as the Knight coming to save the poor younger sister, who’s being kept captive by her elders.

When you approach her, assume that younger sister is in there, and you’ve got to help her escape. To break free from her imaginary shackles of constraints.

One way that can significantly help is to program the qualities of an alpha male, on a deep level, within your subconscious.

This will give you the conversational flexibility and confidence to free her from certain doom.

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